Intelity series

The word Intelity is a contraction of two therms: intelligence and identity. The information contained by the electronic chips such as subscriber identity modules, is sufficient to provide a socio-economic portrait of each modern individual. These cold pieces of technology have the power (once reunited) to totally represent its possessor becoming a source of centralized data for efficiency success and personality and classification. Identity, coordinates, earnings, expenses, health, transportations, communications and even habits and opinions... every gesture is similar to a dialogue and leaves a binary trace. A huge amount of our exchanges are made trough such technologies proving that human and machine symbiosis is already established an it slowly became part of our everyday life in the name of progress. In a paradoxical way the user remains incapable of comprehending his own possession, witch is similar to a host and parasite relationship. Throughout conceptual typology the viewer is able to comprehend the variety of electronic chips models and designs that evoke electronic versions of ordinary individuals. All the photographs are processed in order to simulate traditional portrait photography revoking the artificial aspect of the subject. The photographs are voluntarily number-named evoking a digitalized process. The only trance of humanity is to be