The Forgotten Town

"Jacul Romanesc" (litteraly Romanian Origin) is a small, abandonned town situated in the geometrical center of Romania. The progressive abandon of this town is caused by two factors. The first one is ethnical isolation; as being a traditional romanian town situated in a predominantly hungarian region. The second reason is, economical and due to the town structure wich is rare. The town was not built on a crossing national route, therefore it represents a dead end. Today the town has thee habitants. The two christian-orthodox monks who continue their activity at the monastery and one habitand who decided to come back to the town and live in his parents old house, living from agriculture farming and being a supeintendent for the monastery. Electricity and water supply of the town are soon to be stopped. Pictures taken in the summer of 2006. Featured in Vatra Veche, Scrisul Romanesc #125, Zaman & Litterary Climates Exposed at the societatea de concerte galeria lina, bistrita - romania