Maximilian Tomozei was born in Transylvania, Romania in 1986 during the communist period. When his family moved to France in 2002 he chose to study photography as a stepping-stone for becoming a journalist like his parents. He is currently living in Paris and working on fine art series focusing on modern society impact.


2016 Images Fades - group show - 4th to 14th of February 2016 - Manufacture 111 Paris - Curated by Bright Lights Big Cities

2016 Cachet de la poste faisant fois - group show - 11th to 25th of January 2016 - Les pépinières européennes x Fondation Hippocrène Paris Curated by Valentine Busquet

2016 Portrait Salon - group show - 13th to 28th of February 2016 - The Reminders Photography Stronghold Gallery -Tokyo

2015 Portrait Salon 2015, The Embassy Gallery London 19th - 22nd of November 2015

Curated by Christiane Monarchi, Martin Usbourne and Emma Taylor

2015 MAP Photography Festival, 1st trough 30th of September 2015, Toulouse , France

2015 Des Illusions at Le Magasin De Jouets Gallery, Voies OFF Photography festival, Arles, France 04/06 - 04/09 curated by Nicolas Havette

2015 Possession Immédiate - 24B Gallery - curated by John Jefferson Selve &Damien Mac Donald - Paris

2014 SOLO SHOW / Worlds - Lina Gallery - Bistrita - Romania

2013 Stupefy - One Giant Arm Gallery - Bristol

2013 Ocean - Wowohho Space Gallery and The Photocopy Club - curated by Matt Martin - Hong Kong

2007 Prague - City Hall Gallery 15th - Paris

2006 Journeys - Espace Lomon Gallery - Paris


2015: Shortlisted for GUP Magazine#47,10th anniversary issue

2015: Second place for the MAP Toulouse Portrait Photography Award / Intelity series

2014: Shortlisted for the Portrait Talent Grant #58 by with the Intelity series

2013: International Photography Awards (Lucie Foundation) / Deeper perspective / Honorable Mention

2012: member of young photographers united


2014 Collection Mindscape / EBL Cultural innovation

print publications:

Fresh Eyes 2019 by Gup Magazine

Portrait Salon 2015 Catalogue

possession immédiate volume 2


Plateform Magazine #75

Tone Lit Anniversary Issue

Private Photo Review

online mentions:

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 Fresh Eyes 2019 by Gup Magazine The inteluty series is deatured in the latest GUP Photography project FRESH EYES celebrates the best photography talent in Europe. It is a book presenting the 100 greatest emerging photographers the continent has to offer. The first edition, FRESH EYES 2019, was launched in Arles during the opening week of “Les Recontres de la Photographie”. Powered by GUP Magazine, FRESH EYES brings talent to the attention of galleries, museums, commercial and photography agencies, media companies and institutions that work with imagery.

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