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Sources Out of Context

The Stilled Life series has been approched by the Website for Vision Voice and Practice: An Interdisciplinary Course in Art and Creative Writing by Dan Callis and Chris Davidson.

"There are over 10,000 species threatened with extinction worldwide, a number that’s difficult to fathom. Maximilian Tomozei's work explores this notion with poignancy, looking at common animals that are preserved in museums as treasures worth sharing. The images play with the idea of loss and preservation as the dioramas themselves veer into both the elegant and absurd. Even the most carefully prepared animals look out of place in the stagnant landscapes, a potent reminder that the desire to keep something past its time is often futile — and that it’s better to preserve the animals while they are still alive. Last week, we looked at some of Tomozei's work in class, noting how his photographs--unlike the samples from the L.A. museum, above--eliminate the context (the museums) where the scenes actually take place. Tomozei himself explains his method: "I frame each subject trying to cut off most of the clues regarding its synthetic character, in order to create the illusion that the pictures are actual wildlife photographs." Tomozei's captivating and admirably motivated work inspired a spot collaboration assignment, where our students were asked to recontextualize an object, a piece of language, or something else, make an image (or video) of it, and then share it with us. They had about twenty minutes to work in groups of two and three. What follows are the results"

Articulations of Trace

The intelity series is mentionned in this very interesting reasearch thesis by Dr Gregory J. Hughes, University of Wollongong

Articulations of Trace: Analogue-Digital Conversion in The Age of Transversal Reproduction

"Media increasingly screens itself. To extend the understanding of our media-ontic world, we need to observe inside, behind, and through the medium’s surface effects. The trace of a medium, if followed between the poles of immutable representation and unstable mutable symbolic work, becomes of interest as medium in itself. This thesis highlights articulations of ‘trace’ that traverse assemblages of analogue-digital media couched in network culture and asks: How does the trace of a medium survive transversal analogue-digital media assemblage and what qualities of the trace hold potential in thinking about media cultures and practice?"

Fresh eyes 2019

The inteluty series is deatured in the latest GUP Photography project FRESH EYES celebrates the best photography talent in Europe. It is a book presenting the 100 greatest emerging photographers the continent has to offer. The first edition, FRESH EYES 2019, was launched in Arles during the opening week of “Les Recontres de la Photographie”. Powered by GUP Magazine, FRESH EYES brings talent to the attention of galleries, museums, commercial and photography agencies, media companies and institutions that work with imagery. The first edition of FRESH EYES is available for order here :